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Creating new ideas on a regular basis can be tiring and mostly ineffective. That’s why many writers choose to rewrite or recycle old content. Our Article Rewriter tool with its useful features helps writers and students to write better and unique content.

Improve your word choices with Article Rewriter’s Standard mode.

- It allows you to use more reader-friendly, more suitable synonyms in your content.

- The Standard mode is perfect for avoiding plagiarism while keeping the new content’s meaning the same as the original content.

Take your content to the next level with Article Rewriter’s Creative mode.

 -    Enhances content readability.

-    Minimizes chances of copyright infringement.

-    Provides new writing tone and style.

Multi-language Support

While most of the online contents are found in English, demands for multi-lingual content are increasing quickly.
With Article Rewriter, you can create your content in different languages such as Dutch, French, German, Turkish, etc. alongside English.

What is Rewriting/Paraphrasing?

Rewriting, Rephrasing or Paraphrasing texts means restating a text or passage in different words.
The first rule of paraphrasing is to keep the main idea of the original text intact in the paraphrased text. Otherwise, the purpose of rewriting will become null and void.

Example of Rewriting

Original Text
“Wear a mask and maintain a safe distance in order to avoid spreading various diseases.”

Paraphrased text
“Wear a mask and keep a safe distance to avoid spreading infections.”

Above, both the original text and the paraphrased text have similar meaning but their words and sentence styles are a little different.

What is Article Rewriter?
Article Rewriter Tool is an online software that creates fresh text by rewriting a given input. The tool replaces words, and phrases, and changes the sentence patterns to create a fresh look for old text.

What are the uses of the Online Article Rewriter Tool?

  • To avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is every writer’s biggest fear. Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else’s text or passage and passing it as one’s own.

No writer should like the idea of plagiarizing other people’s text. It not only discredits the original author but is also unethical for the person who copies other people’s content.

With the free rewriter tool, you can easily avoid plagiarism as it helps you create unique content every time you use it.


  • To minimize quotations

Sometimes we use other people’s quotes in our content. While it is good, using too many quotes in your content might make it less unique and creative. The Article Rewriter tool helps you to rewrite the quotes so you can use the words as your own.


  • To generate more content

Content writers and bloggers are almost always under pressure of creating high-quality content within a short time. If you want to create good content continuously without struggles, use the paraphrasing tool. It helps you write unique and excellent content for your blog.

  • To boost the site’s ranking for SEO

SEO experts always struggle to boost their website’s ranking with high-quality content. With the free rewriter tool, they can easily recreate fresh content from old posts and as a result, boost their site’s ranking.

How does the Article Rewriter Tool work?

Article Rewriter is an excellent tool that generates fresh text whenever you give input.

It works by changing words, phrases, sentences, etc. with the best suitable alternatives while it maintains the meaning of the original text.

Our tool has a huge database from which it chooses the right synonym for your original text. Not only that, but it also provides suggestions so you can choose the word or phrases that you want.

How to use the Free Rewriter tool?

Get uncommon content by following these simple steps:

  1. First, select the mode in which you want to rewrite your content, i.e. Standard or Creative.
  2. Copy and paste the text you want to rewrite in the box.
    Or, upload document from your computer or cloud storage. You can choose from various file types (txt, text, doc, docx, pdf, rtf, odt, etc).
  3. Click the “Rewrite Article” button to get the paraphrased text.
  4. Then click “Next” to copy/download/print/share the generated text. Or, you can hit “Clean” to clear the input text box and provide new text.
  5. You can also rewrite the paraphrased text by clicking the “Rewrite Again” button.
  6. Hit the “Check Plagiarism” button to find out similarities between your output text and any online text.
  7. Hit the “Check Grammar” button to find out and correct grammatical and spelling issues.

Additional Features of Article Rewriter Tool

Plagiarism Checker
After getting your fresh text, you might want to check it for plagiarism since plagiarism is one of the biggest enemies of your content. Now, with our plagiarism checker tool that comes as a part of the article rewriter, you can check your text’s authenticity as well.

Grammar Checker
Grammar is one of the most important parts of the text. If the grammar is good, your content will be easily readable and credible as well. If the grammar is bad, no one will take your content seriously. That’s why we have added the grammar checker tool as a part of our article rewriter so you can get unique and grammatically correct content.

People who frequently use our Article Rewriter Tool

  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • Content writers
  • Teachers
  • SEO experts
  • Webmasters
  • Researchers
  • Marketers

Why Use Our Rewriter Tool?

- It’s free – get unlimited fresh content without any sign-in or registration.

- Fast – Never stay behind when it comes to creating content. Our tool is quick to deliver fresh content.

- Easy to use – follow the simple steps to generate high-quality content.

Essential Guideline for Article Writing or Rewriting

  1. First, make a plan about how you want to write your content.
  2. Define the structure of your article such as Heading, Sub-heading, Body, Paragraph, etc.
  3. Target your readers and analyze what they would like to read.
  4. The keyword is one of the primary concerns in your content. So, select keywords smartly and use them as necessary.
  5. Instead of writing everything in the same paragraph, separate your text into multiple paragraphs and stylize them appropriately.
  6. After rewriting content using Article Rewriter, the meaning of the text might change. So, you need to read the paraphrased text properly and make corrections as needed.
  7. Length of article – your article can be of any length as long as you express your ideas successfully to your readers.
  8. Usually, though, it’s preferable to publish articles between 300-800 words in length.