Reverse Image Search


The "Reverse Image Search" will help you in these areas:

  • Find the image source
  • Get higher resolution for similar images
  • Lets you discover the webpages where the images are located.
  • Find who is the contributor of the image and the writer of the content
  • Get more details about the image

About Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search or Reverse Photo Search is a very important feature to find out images or original image source from web. Here image, instead of text, is used to find out the expected result.

Though finding out similar kind of images is very hard on internet but this duplicate photo search helps people to search those images simply by uploading an image as well as inserting an image URL. Search engines such as Google, Yandex provide image reverse search facility to the user.

Working procedure

It is a content based image search technique, where there is no need to remember or guess any type of keyword to find out expected results/images . It works like an autopilot. This tool provides results so fast and accurate, if there is no exact result of “the search” then it tracks similar kind of images from search engine for “the seeker”. It also redirects the user to specific page when user click on ‘checked images’ with their preferred search engine. To use this tool, there is no need of registration or log-in. There is no limitations for using this tool such as, time or other conditions. Here, search results will not be saved and indexed from any website because it’s policy is not to share or provide any information with 3rd party. User search results may include:

  • Similar kinds of images
  • Websites that include the exact image
  • Other sizes of the image user searched for

How To Use

Using our Reverse Search Image tool is very easy & simple. Any general person, who have no technical knowledge, can do it. See how-

  • All you need just enter the "Image" or provide "URL" to upload the image that you want to search.
  • Type the captcha code properly (if any).
  • Click on "Reverse Image Search" or "Search by Image" (if any).
  • Get the output from search engine result.

Get help from some reverse image search engines

Google Images

It has largest database to search images.


As per their claims it is the first website ever for image searching.

Multi-Service image search

It supports files in GIF, JPEG, JPG format and for uploading a photo the maximum limit is 8192 KB.

Image Raider

Though it provides end results by using Google search results but there are some extra features which made this tool mentionable. Such as, the option to add image from XML sitemap and more.


It is largest search engine of Russia and has its own reverse photo search tool. It supports file types- JPG, GIF, PNG or file sizes- Small, Medium, Large, Wallpaper or Custom.


It is biggest search giant of China. It also has Reverse Photo Search facility.

Karma Decay

It is a reverse photograph search engine only for Reddit.

Apps for Android Phone

Google Goggles

It is an amazing app of Google to find images by inputting image in place of text.

MB Search for TinEye

To search the results on TinEye you can provide input from three (3) sources: Camera, Gallery and URL.

Unravl-Reverse Image Search

It is another app where you can apply reverse image search.

App for Windows Phone

Reverse Image Search (App)

It is an excellent app for windows phone for Reverse Image Search. It permits user to use their favorite search engines such as- Google, TinEye, Bing or Yandex.

Some Benefits

  • Reveals plagiarism
  • Shows where you’ve been quoted
  • Easy way to get links
  • Helps to find out if people are real
  • Helps to find the image source
  • Helps to get higher resolution of similar images
  • Helps to discover the webpages where the images are located
  • Helps to find the contributor of the image and the writer of the content
  • Helps to get more details about the image