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About Image Resizer -Resize your Images to desired Dimensions

Images of all shapes and sizes can be downloaded from the internet. You can also create your image. However, you don’t always have the exact image size that you need. Let’s say, for example, that you have a really big image that you want to use on your web page, but you want to scale it down in size, while keeping perfect image quality and clarity.

Or you might have an image whose pixels you want to change, or want to crop the image so only some part of it shows. How can you do this?

Image Resizer:

Image resizer is the perfect tool which can help you resize your image to any dimensions you want. There are several great features of this tool:

  • You can decide whether you want to resize your image or simply crop it. In cropping the image, you can enter the height and width, thus cropping it to exact proportions.
  • If you do want to resize it, again you are presented with two options. You can either resize according to percentage (for example make the image 50% of its original size) or you can resize it according to pixels.
  • If you choose the “pixels” option, you can enter the desired width and height of the image.
  • Image resizer tool is free to use.
  • The results are instantaneous and your image will be resized according to your desires in less than a minute.

How to Resize an Image:

  • First, you have to choose an image from your computer and upload it in the provided space.
  • Next, choose “crop” or “resize” and then enter the desired parameters.
  • Click on “generate”. Your resized image will be produced.
  • You can click on “Download” to save this new, resized image to your computer.