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About Image Watermark - Watermark Your Images With Ease!

Everyone is using internet these days. It has become so easy to find anything online. While on one hand that is really beneficial, it also has its downside. People can easily copy anything, and so anything you create can be used by others without your permission. How can you stop that from happening?

If there is an image which you want to protect from being copied and used without giving credit to you, you can watermark it using a watermarking tool.

What is a Watermark?

A watermark is a light, faded mark or text which is placed on an image to identify who created it. This is for the purpose of preventing anyone from copying and using that image and passing it off as their own.

A watermark can be an image, text, or even a design such as lines, crosses etc.

How to Watermark your Image?

Image watermarking is easy, if you just have the right tools. Here are the steps:

  • Choose or create the image, text or design that you want to be used as a watermark.
  • Upload the original image in the space provided for this purpose.
  • Now upload the design, text or image you want as a watermark.
  • Select where you want the watermark to go. Image watermarking tool can place watermark in eight different positions. These are centered, top left, footer left, center left, footer right, centered right, footer centered and top center.
  • Now click on “generate image”
  • Your watermarked image will be generated and you will be able to see it below the “generate” button


Instantaneous results are available. Image watermarking tool is completely free to use. You will never have to worry about your image being copied again, as whoever sees it will be able to see your mark.