Grammar Checker

Grammar Checker Tool

Have you ever written something, and felt proud of what you wrote, only to be told that the content was not as good as you thought? Did you, perhaps, spent hours working on an assignment only for your teacher to tell you that the subject matter was good but you really need to improve your grammar?

Or perhaps you are writing some content for your blog or website, and need to make sure it is perfect in all aspects before publishing it. How can you check your content to make it 100 percent error free?

To aid you in this task, we present you with this Free Grammar Check tool.

What does this Fantastic Tool do?

This Grammar Checker tool will analyze your written text and see if there are any grammatical mistakes.  The tool will check for mistakes in:

  • Active/passive writing
  • Sentence structure
  • Misuse of phrases
  • Order of words
  • Direct and indirect speech
  • Use of idioms
  • Use of proper adjectives and adverbs with regards to the nouns and verbs.


Advantages of Using Grammar Checker Tool:

  • Effortless:
    Asking someone to read your text and correcting its mistakes can be a long, tiring process. Instead, checking grammar with this free grammar checker is completely effortless and very simple; anyone can do it with ease.
  • Saves Time:
    You will get your results within a single minute. What can possibly be faster than that?
  • Languages:
    These days, everyone is somewhat proficient in English. The problem arises when you want to write something in another language and do not know who you can ask for help. In such cases, this free grammar checker works perfectly because it can check the grammar of text written in three different languages.
    These languages are English, German and Italian.
  • Free of Cost:
    Hiring a proofreader to check your work can cost you a lot. In contrast, this grammar checker tool is completely free to use.

How to Use:

Copy text from anywhere and paste it in the provided space. Now click on “check grammar.” Within a few seconds, your checked text will appear. All the grammatical mistakes will be highlighted with a yellow color. When you click on a highlighted area, it will show why the text is wrong and what the options to correct it are. You can choose the corrected version of the text and move on to the next mistake.