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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a very much serious ethical offense. It is not accepted for any types of web content. In a very normal sense, Plagiarism is copying or borrowing someone else's content  or writing and using that as a proprietor.

Act of plagiarism

  • Stealing someone else's content and using as own.
  • Using someone else's content by not crediting the source.
  • Copying words or the sentence structure from someone else's content.
  • Providing incorrect information of the source.
  • Using the sentence structure but changing words of a source by not crediting the source.
  • Copying someone else's idea.

What is Plagiarism Checker?

Plagiarism checker is a kind of tool for finding out the percentage of copy-pasted element as well as the source of stolen or copy-pasted element from someone else's content in the web. Plagiarism checker tool is very much important for that person who wants the better ranking of a webpage or website; because the plagiarized content is responsible for lower page ranking. Plagiarism in writing can make anyone’s career destroyed.

How does it work?

Finding out the percentage of copy-pasted element as well as the source of stolen or copy-pasted element from someone else's content is not that much easy as we think. But plagiarism checker tool made it easy as much as possible for its user.

Its working procedure is very much dependable. At first, it scans the expected content to check from where it is copied as well as  where the source is available of that expected content. If this tool finds out that, there are some copied element in the expected content then it shows the result.

Results showing

This plagiarism checker tool shows result in a very smart way. It not only shows plagiarized percentage (%) from provided article but also shows plagiarized and unique text by dividing with different color and box. You can check plagiarized text by clicking on red colored text to see from where it’s been copied.

Why would you use our Plagiarism Checker Tool?

People should use our free plagiarism checker tool not because it’s free but for its importance and user-friendly using options. All types of people such as Scholars, Teachers, Students and Professional writers can easily take help from this free Plagiarism checker tool for getting high page rank.

This tool not only works on the Web but also works on Windows, BlackBerry and Android. It supports Google, Babylon, Yahoo, Google Books and Google Scholar. Please feel free to use this free tool for both personal and professional purposes.

Benefits of using this tool

  • Helps to improve SEO
  • Shows results at a glance
  • Can be used in many devices
  • Can be used for many purposes (personal or professional)
  • And many more.....