Boost Engagement by Repurposing Content with Article Rewriter Tool

2 May 2023

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From the SEO aspect, the main goal of creating content is to boost engagement and build quality backlinks. But reaching that goal is not easy. You put your heart and soul into creating a blog post, but after publishing, when you don’t see the desirable amount of engagements, and rarely any backlinks, you wonder what went wrong.

But wait! There’s a smooth way out of this situation. You can boost audience engagements and get backlinks by doing something called Content Repurposing, a strategy that can optimize your content’s SEO.

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing refers to modifying and adjusting content for different platforms. In simple words, repurposing content is the art of taking a piece of content and altering it in different formats for different platforms.

Content repurposing is a powerful SEO strategy that can help you use the same idea for different purposes by slightly modifying it. With this, you can reach new audiences and boost your online presence without hunting for new ideas whenever you need a new post.

Why should you repurpose content?

  1. Properly repurposed content can increase your website traffic by a huge margin.
  2. It can boost your audience engagement.
  3. Repurposed content has more chances to earn backlinks.

So, we can see that repurposing content can bring you the ultimate SEO success. Now, the question is, how to repurpose content?

What to keep in mind while repurposing content

1. Identify your repurposing powerhouses:

Not all content is ideal for repurposing. Look for evergreen blog posts, informative guides, or entertaining podcasts that can shine across multiple platforms.

2. Choose your platforms wisely:

Consider where your target audience spends their time. Is it Instagram, with its aesthetic visual appeal? Twitter's fast-paced threads? Or how about LinkedIn's in-depth discussions? Make your reused content fit the tone of each site.

3. Backlink like a pro

Repurposing naturally creates opportunities for backlinks. Guest blog with your recycled content, publish captivating snippets on forums and consider platform-specific styles to boost your visibility. Every mention is a possible link back to your website, building your SEO defenses.

How to Repurpose Content with the Article Rewriter Tool

Article rewriter tools are a great way of recycling content. Rewriting tools can paraphrase your content, changing the style but retaining the original meaning.

Select Your Content Wisely

  • Choose excellent content that is relevant to current goals.
  • Consider evergreen subjects that will stay relevant in the future.
  • Identify if the selected content has the potential for reformatting.

Choose A Reputable Article Rewriter Tool

  • Compare tools based on their features, accuracy, and cost.
  • Choose tools that maintain meaning and tone while providing flexibility.
  • Consider SEOWagon (free), ParaphraseApp (free), Quilbot (free and paid), and other alternatives.

Build Your Content

  • Before reusing your original content, proofread and customize it thoroughly.
  • Identify the key points, arguments, and examples you want to keep.
  • Consider the recycled content's target audience and platform.

Use the Article Rewriter Tool Effectively

  • Paste your content into the rewriter tool’s input area.
  • Select and tweak options as you need such as level of synonym replacement, rephrasing, etc.
  • Customize the tool’s paraphrasing settings based on your goals and preferences.
  • Review the paraphrased content once it’s been generated for accuracy and readability.

Repurpose content across platforms

  • Blog posts to snippets on social media: Extract key ideas and use pictures to make compelling messages.
  • Articles to video scripts: Rewritten text can be used as a foundation for video content.
  • Email newsletters to website content: Repurpose articles into helpful email components.
  • E-books to blog post series: Divide chapters into standalone blog posts with new perspectives.
  • Edit and reformat your repurposed content for specific platforms and audiences.

Optimize for SEO

  • Integrate relevant keywords into the recycled content.
  • For readability and search engine optimization, use appropriate formatting and structure.
  • Include both internal and external links to build authority and boost relevancy

Remember, you should always avoid plagiarism, and cite the sources accordingly to create successful repurposed content for boosting engagement and presence.

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