Free backlink checker software

Why Free backlink checker software?

Free backlink checker software helps you to count the number of backlinks of your websites. Which will help you to make decisions for the next step for your website. Back linking is one of the most essential duty of SEO. This is known as the heart of Web sites. SEO has changed much in the last couple of years, but Backlink is the only things which remain unchanged. Formally, google ranked your site based one numeric backlink, but since 2015 it’s about the number of quality links.


Last year’s google killed all the private blog networks by its Penguin algorithm, in the meantime it also devalued low-quality links.


Why Free backlink checker software?


When any page of your site from its website or any website links to your site this is called backlinks. It used to be one of the vital factors for better keyword ranking and page ranking. If you want a successful online marketing, then you have to huge numbers of backlinks. However, with time, Google added more signals to rank a website and Google demoted the priority of backlinks.


There are 2 types of Backlinks:

  1. Dofollow Backlinks
  2. NofollowBacklinks


When we talk about building backlinks, we usually focus on creating dofollow links. Using free backlink checker software you can count how many backlinks you have created so far for your site.A good number of backlinks of your websites help hugely in improving the page rank.


How to Check Backlinks Quickly and Easily:


Google gives priority to a site’s backlink when google rank any site. Either all major search engine PR based on its number of backlinks.


Out there a number of Backlinks checker exists. But all Backlinks checker does not provide the best result as well not accurate. But SEO Wagon Free backlink checker software is the most powerful checker so far I have been seeing.


Go to the and then just put your web address to check the number if backlinks.


This is true that the more back link you have, the more page rank you have. But Google and other search engine love natural links not paid links. But this is true that some web owners want to cut this system and they buy backlinks. But remember, low-quality back links can harm you more than they help you. 5 quality backlinks are more useful than 50 low quality backlinks. But using free backlink checker software you can define your useful backlinks and low quality backlinks, which can harm you. So to make money online or get a branding of your website, there is no other alternative of creating a strong number of quality backlinks.


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    can any one suggest me the best site for get backlinks

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    Sir Suggest me best tool for auto backlink maker for my blog website.

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