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2 May 2023

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This is one of the best free backlink checker tools, that you can use in finding the numbers of backlinks to your website or blog.

SEOWAGON could be a fully free backlink checker. SEOWAGON helps you discover web pages that link to your sites or your competitors sites, analyze the standard of the backlinks, and index the donor pages to enhance your rank in SERP.


SEOWAGON is that the sole free program to ascertain backlinks capable of extracting backlink data from varied on-line sources additionally to check the existence and quality of backlinks.

This means you’ll use the program each of the traditional backlink checking tools and for the work your competitors link-building strategy.


Another distinctive feature of the program is that the ability to ascertain if donor pages are a unit in the Google index. Significantly, thus operate doesn't need mistreatment multiple proxies to figure properly.

Normally, you’d use a proxy list, whereas massively checking the index, as a result of Google protects himself from the great deal of queries following from identical informatics address inside short time.

SEOWAGON properly processes Google protection determination a shown CAPTCHA, rather than employing a proxy list as a workaround. A CAPTCHA will be solved  by hand or mechanically mistreatment one amongst the specialist online-services supported by the program.


SEOWAGON integrates with many backlink categorization services permitting rushing up donor page categorization and thus to considerably improve program positions of your websites.

This free tool analyzes up to 2000 inlinks (backlinks, inbound links) to unrestricted page (blog or website) and shows domains of backlinks. In a word our free backlink checker tools finding the number of backlink to your website or bolg in a short time. Read more in our free backlink checker tools for this topic.


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