5 Reason to Use Anti-Plagiarism Software

2 May 2023

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Anti-Plagiarism Software is one of the ways to find or detect duplicate content. It's an effective way to review your content or paper or article for any red flags that may suggest plagiarism or matched content.

People are serious about this specialized software which detects plagiarism, who are serious about their academic or research work. Anti-Plagiarism software like seowagon Anti-Plagiarism is available online. Do not take the chance of being blamed of plagiarism.

We find 5 reasons to use Plagiarism checker, let's introduce with this reasons.

1. Highlights the content: One of the 5 reasons to use a plagiarism checker is that this software highlights the content that is exact plagiarized. In other words, you can detect easily by yourself what sentences or words are exactly copied or matched with the original author wrote.

2. Offer more sources: Massive databases such as EBSCOhost and ProQuest contain such articles. Anti-Plagiarism software has access to these databases. And that offer more sources which make your paper real plagiarism free.

3. Percentages of similarity: Plagiarism detection software will show you the percentages of similarity sentence or words. Many universities give an acceptable percentage of Plagiarism of their students research paper.

A university will have a standard percentage rate that is acceptable to them. When a student uses such Anti-Plagiarism software like Turnitin or seowagon which gives the percentages of similarity sentence or words, Students must remain at that percentage rate or lower for their papers.

4. Proof that you have not plagiarized: An Anti-Plagiarism tools offer you that your paper has not plagiarized. Saving a soft copy or Printing out a copy of the papers plagiarism checker reportable to proof that your content is original to your instructor or university.

Even though some university or instructor might ask you for a plagiarism checking report. When you can show instant he wants this, you will be special, others will not. Keeping a copy of your records, in either case, can offer you protection.

5. Checking your paraphrasing abilities: This is one of the important reason out of 5 reasons to use an Anti-plagiarism software. As mentioned above, a plagiarism checker will highlight the sentence or word that is an exact match to the original writer's words. You will know it by the highlighted material if you have not paraphrased properly.

The five reasons to use a plagiarism checker are effective and should be of importance to any article writer or student or researcher even though a freelancer who worked on writing. Plagiarism is a punishable and a serious issue.

According to, nearly 80% of students in college have admitted to cheating one or more times as per Center for Academic Integrity report. Also, a survey of college students showed by the Psychological Record found that 36% had plagiarized (, 2012). The technology survives to ensure your safety as a student or researcher. Take advantage of it.


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