How to Use Google XML sitemap generator?

2 May 2023

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What is a google XML sitemap generator?

At the starting of Websites era, government sites used to have a page link to their home pages, titled “Sitemap. This page contained a list of all the existing pages on that website. Even nowadays some websites have such Sitemaps. However, Sitemaps have revolutionary changed from the manually created HTML bulleted list. Present time websites Sitemaps are published in XML sheets instead of HTML coding. Sitemap main target is Search engines, not the visitors. In this article, we will describe what a sitemap is, why you need a sitemap, and how to google XML sitemap generator works.

A Sitemap is a random list of all pages of your websites and this also accesses able to the site users. An XML sitemap used to introduce all your pages to the Search Engines. XML sitemap also listing your most important links to less important and tell that to the Search Engines, thus  identify the impotency of your important links than others. And it also tells search engines, how frequently you update your website. Not either Sitemaps boost your search rankings, it also allows a better crawl of your websites to Search Engines.

Why You Need an Google XML sitemap generator?

A sitemap is one of the most important parts at SEO point of views. Before starting off needs one thing needs to be clear, adding a sitemap does not affect search rankings. It is very possible, you could have so many pages without indexed. The sitemap provides the way to know those unindexed pages to Search Engines, thus these pages can be indexed properly.

Usually, Google XML sitemap generator is most important for brand new sites or blogs. It is very hard to google or other major search engines to find new sites because they didn't have enough backlinks or lower number of backlinks for their individual posts. As a result,it becomes very hard to find all pages of the sites by Search Engines or google. The sitemap gives this advantage to those websites crawl sites more efficiently by Google or search engines.

Sitemap also works well for the popular website by interact with search engines more effectively. Search engines can guess:

 When it was last updated
 How important the page is in relation to other pages on the site
 How often the site changes

Having this information in one XML documents improves the overall visibility of your site to search engines and crawl it more intelligently.

How do I generate an XML sitemap?

This is a very simple process to generate an XML sitemap. You can generate it by using the google XML sitemap generator Google recommends using a SEOWAGON sitemap generator.

To start the process just visit the link above in your web browser. And just follow the steps to get the XML sitemap code. There are 3 optional parameters to finish the steps.

1. Page Changing Frequency
2. Last Modification Date
3. Page Priority

Page Changing Frequency indicates how frequently the content of a particular URL is likely to change.
The #2 steps indicate the time of the URL was last modified. Is helps search engine, avoid re-crawling the page/ document. The priority of a particular page relative to other pages on the same website.


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