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2 May 2023

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Content is the king in the SEO world, Each SEO specialist wants to rank his URL within 10 of every SERP – Surely you can! Write Article that is informative, easy to read as well as Interesting that touch the mind of reader. Publish your great writings to let the world know within your own blog or somewhere significant. Let crawler to love your creation and check your keyword rank using keyword position checker.


Let's think first – what should we follow for good content


  • Make a synopsis that you want to express
  • Think Keywords to include , create a list
  • Let's drive to write , please follow


    • Keep the highlighted keyword in the title
    • Use the keyword at the beginning or within 100 words
    • Don’t use more than 1-3% targeted keyword
    • Try to use one keyword for one content, At best two.
    • Use paragraph for each section
    • Finally make it easy to read


  • Involve outgoing trusted Hyperlink
  • Try to make high PR link to your article
  • Keep option to share your content in SMM( Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus etc)


Publish your creation in the web world


You have written world class content but no placed properly  obviously you won't get targeted output. So how to 

  • Publish it on your own blog
  • Or Publish on a high PR blog or site
  • Share in social media

Now wait and see the effect


Time of supervision of your keyword


As SEO Specialist or Blogger, there are few things to be checked always like in which position my work or my site  stand on. You are SEO Specialist – One of the most important things to know the result of your work and need the judgment “Whether you are going to right Path! “.But how! You need to know the Key word position of your site on various search engines especially on Google/yahoo/bing. After submitting new and fresh article check it weekly, it will give you the advice for next content.


Every Optimizer always has a plan to reach his/her keywords in the top 1 to 10 position in according to country or global, you can check India rank / we rank on SERP of every search engine. There are many tools online to check the result of each keyword , seowagon is one of the best just enter the domain name or any specific URL , get instant result of keyword position according to several languages.


Go to  search keyword position checker-


Step #1  Find your tools using the search box

keyword position checker


Step#2 Insert your keyword, domain or any URL, select specific language

keyword position checker


Step#3 Get your result

keyword position checker


See the result and
Many more web apps for checking keyword position checker live named semrush , google rank checker , ahrefs , Seo Centro etc.


Lets check how the google page rank checker works, go to


Go to Seo Centro for another:


Many more waiting for you to use


For every web apps place domain name or URl , enter your key word , somewhere you need to pass security check get speedy result, have some restriction for security issues like captacha. Few web apps have options to check multiple keyword position check at a time, few limited to single.


Seo Wagon have  excellent  set of utility to make life easier for SEO specialist or Blogger which helps users to analyze different type of metrics involved in keyword ranking. Create your excellent article use article rewriter that gives you exceptional test in writing or rewriting article.


Have many more to — All the best.



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