4 Common Grammatical Errors to Avoid While You're on the Internet

2 May 2023

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The internet can be a tough place for so many of us. Especially, with the grammar Nazis out there, you can’t afford grammatical errors. One tiny mistake, and they will somehow march right up to your post or comment. And then they might correct your grammar or insult you - or, maybe both. You can’t really stop them from doing so, it’s just that they just can’t control their correcting nature. And to be honest, grammatical mistakes can be pet peeves for many of us.

However, you can choose the best way out of this weird situation if you use an English grammar checker tool. And the best way out is the way through.

Here, we have highlighted some of the common grammar mistakes that we make on the internet and in other places as well.

4 common grammatical errors to avoid at all costs


Oh! This is the most popular and the most annoying one. The simple but significant difference between -‘Your’ and ‘You’re can make us go crazy. But once you learn the right use of both words, you are good to go.

  • Your means belonging to the person that the speaker is addressing.

Example: Your hair is beautiful.

Here, the speaker is admiring the addressed person’s hair.

  • “You're” is the short way of saying or writing 'You are'. So, instead of saying "You are", you can say, '"You're."

Example: You’re really intelligent.


English is surely a tricky language. We pronounce the following words "They're", "There", and "Their" in the almost same manner. In writing, however, you have to be careful when using these words. Let’s see how to use these homophones incorrect ways to avoid grammatical errors –

  • They're” is simply the contraction of "They are".

Example: They’re here.

  • There is used to refer to a place or to attract someone’s attention, or to console someone.

Example 1: We visited South Africa and stayed there for seven days. (Referring to a place)

Example 2: There you are! I’ve been looking for you. (Drawing someone’s attention)

Example 3: There, there. Everything will be fine. (Consoling someone)

  • Their refers to belonging to multiple people or a gender-unspecified person.

Example: Their home is magnificent.


Weather and whether – these two words also sound similar but have different meanings. Unfortunately, sometimes we use one word instead of the other and make errors. To avoid such grammatical errors, we must learn the meanings of these words. But all the time we don’t remember everything properly, so you can check grammar online using different types of online software.

  • Weather refers to the atmosphere of a certain place at a certain time.

Example: The weather is nice enough to go out.

  • Whether indicates a choice between two alternatives.

Example: I am going to the party whether you are going with me or not.



  • Hear means listening to the sound made by something or someone, or finding out some news.

Example 1: I hear a bell ringing. (Hearing a sound)

Example 2: Have you heard about John’s promotion? (Finding out news)

  • Here means to the place where you currently are.

Example: I came here a few minutes ago.


Not only on the internet, but we should always try to avoid grammatical errors, especially common ones. And there are many ways to do this – you can either study and understand the grammar rules or use an online grammar checker tool. The latter is perfect for those who don’t have time to study and remember grammar rules. So, put your content in an online grammar checker tool before publishing and now you can fearlessly roam all over the internet with the help of free grammar check.

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